Our production department is equipped with a number of injection moulding machines with clamping force between 25t and 110t. All moulding machines are equipped with auxiliary jacks for electric unscrewing and with pistons and drying, dehumidification, moulds conditioning, and closed circuit cooling systems. All machines are state of the art, guaranteeing both a reduced energy consumption and a lower environmental impact.


Paste Colouration

The paste colouration department is able to guarantee a very high qualitative standard being equipped with all the essential machines for the final control (spectrophotometer, viscometer). In addition to the realisation of Pantone/RAL standard colours, we also offer many “special effects” (pearly, metallic, transparent, marbled, and customised).


Mould Construction

The close cooperation with different tooling companies allows us to produce moulds in an exceptionally short time, also thanks to the physical proximity. All projects are followed in partnership with specialized suppliers with whom we have established a strong mutual esteem. Modifications, version changes, and ordinary maintenance are carried out inside the company. Moreover, since use and time may deteriorate the moulds, we provide in-house polishing/lapping services, thus guaranteeing, where required, a very high superficial quality of the printed products.