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Colours, materials and finishes: a question of style and innovation

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Your products take on a coordinated identity thanks to our experience.

Powerstudio always carries out an initial research to cross-check current trends and the customer’s target market to identify materials, finishes and colours of the project to be developed. It involves a comprehensive approach to the project, which is considered as a system to be coordinated and, in particular, as a chromatic, tactile and decorative identity made up of products and environment. The industrial design area that follows these values is called CMF.

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What is CMF?

CMF is the acronym for Colours, Materials and Finishes, an industrial design discipline born and developed in Italy that focuses on the chromatic, decorative and tactile identity of products and environments. It is a comprehensive approach that looks at the product not as a single element but as an integral part and in harmony with a much wider brand identity. Thanks to the CMF approach, Powerplast Italia is ready to combine functionality and style in its plastic products.

Are you looking for a partner that focuses on the styling of products made with plastic?

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