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The powerstudio division is dedicated to the study, design and prototyping of plastic objects with particular attention to design.

Why choose us


The value of design

In a globalised market, the difference lies in the details, which we are never satisfied with. For this reason at powerstudio we apply the method, research and innovation to every product we develop.


A horizontal view

We believe in the importance of design and creativity that come about from the blending of ideas, which is why the shaping of powerstudio was entrusted to Fabio Caresi, industrial designer and lecturer at the Master in Design Engineering and Innovation of Poli.Design.


Cutting-edge technologies

The development of the product passes through a continuous and constant aesthetic-functional verification, for this reason within powerstudio we use the best 3D printing technologies.


Swift customer feedback

When Powerplast Italia receives a request, we immediately take action to guarantee the partner or customer a complete and expert reply in no time at all.

Powerstudio division: from concept design to prototyping, through engineering and styling

We like to define ourselves as the ideal partner for start-ups and for those companies that wish to explore the potential of plastics for the creation of new electronic products and many other products too. We accompany every idea that is proposed to us with an optimised, practical and sound construction project. Everything is founded on our expertise and the technology suitable for creating prototypes and models in plastic.

Are you looking for a technical partner that deals with the moulding of polymer items with particular attention to design and style?

Contact us


Powerplast Italia supports start-ups and companies operating in the sectors listed below with its technology, advice on the selection of the best materials, delivery in a short time and the possibility of producing even small batches.


A quality that sets us apart from the competition? Unquestionably the close and fruitful collaboration with Fabio Caresi, industrial designer and professor at Poli.Design. Excellence that our company makes available to customers for plastic products with an exclusive design.

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