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Quality control

Careful control of raw material and production parameters

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In order to achieve high-quality products, quality control is required both pre and post production

The preparation of all the materials we use in the injection moulding process starts with their dehumidification and drying, as indicated in the technical data sheet of the raw material. Thanks to our drying ovens and the latest generation dehumidifiers we keep the technical properties of the plastic raw material intact and therefore respect both aesthetic and customer requirements.

Due to the requirements of the sectors in which we operate, many of our products have every single piece undergo a visual inspection. Furthermore, we carry out statistical checks, based on our quality specifications and customer requests, to keep dimensional values, colour consistency and aesthetic defects under control. The equipment used for this meticulous control activity includes a microscope, spectrophotometer (Minolta) and pantone light simulation.

Our quality control

Dehumidification and drying of the raw material to preserve the properties of the materials and visual inspections and with the aid of precise machinery for impeccable results.

Trust the partner that invests time and resources in quality controls.

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