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Fast and efficient 3D printing for precise prototypes

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In-house technologies and a network of specialised partners for the best prototyping service

Powerplast Italia constantly invests to equip itself with new in-house technologies that support prototyping in an innovative way. Within our lab we have, for example, two 3D printers dedicated to this tailor-made service:

  1. a filament technology (FDM) 3NTR brand that allows the use of identical materials or with the same characteristics as those usable for injection moulding (dimensions: high working range up to a maximum of 600 mm, aesthetic level: medium, precision: tenth of mm, mechanical strength: high, Colour/materials: unlimited range of materials and colours)
  2. a resin technology (SLA) DWS brand that makes it possible to use resins that simulate the characteristics of polymers and industrial engineering plastics (dimensions: working range limited to 180 mm, aesthetic level: high, precision: tenth of mm, mechanical strength: low, Colour/materials: limited range of materials, unlimited range of colours with the possibility of making transparent pieces, on request it is possible to use colours with special pearl effects).

We combine in-house technologies with a network of established partners for the integrated development of our customers’ projects. Our collaborations allow us to offer highly specific services such as polyamide-based additive printing (SLS 3D printing – Selective Laser Sintering) and the creation of items with two-component resins for casting inside cavities of silicone moulds.

With us you will find the support and technologies for prototyping your designs with plastics.

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