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Plastic fresheners and gadgets with the most original and customised design

Powerplast Italia offers both standard products made of plastic materials and items that can be customised with the addition of the customer’s logo through the use of multiple colours, in the choice of fragrance and colour and in the type of fixing, either a ribbon to hang the product or clip for the car air freshener. All pigments are made in-house in liquid form: this allows for low minimum order quantities as we do not have to respect the minimum orders of our partners and suppliers.

We always offer the customer different products, in design, shape, material, fragrance, finishes, to entertain and to change the market. Once the design is established, we create product prototypes. All the products, before being placed on the market, are tested through ageing and thermal resistance tests. All our products are batch-processed, in order to ensure traceability of the entire production chain.

profumazione prodotti in plastica


Powerplast Italia offers a wide and unique range of fragrances and essential oils for polymers. Not only that: we can also create customised fragrances for various kinds of fresheners and scent diffusers at the customer's request.


2D fresheners for wardrobes, drawers with and without ribbon
3D fresheners for wardrobes, drawers
Fresheners for suitcases
Toilet fresheners
2D car air fresheners
3D car air fresheners
Sachets of scented salt
Scented refills for aroma diffusers
Scented bracelets
Scented gadgets and promotional items
Fresheners for bags, gym bags
Cupboard fresheners

Are you interested in a manufacturer of scented plastic products that last longer thanks to a patented production process?

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