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Thanks to our special know-how in scent infused plastics, we have devised a unique and patented system that makes the fragrance persistence last longer.

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Patented system

Powerplast Italia is the first company in the world to have patented an innovative process that continuously enriches and produces plastic products with essential oils and increases the duration of the scent.



We have invested in the study and research of cutting-edge processes and materials to deliver truly exceptional scented plastic fresheners to our customers.


Customised fragrances

Not only fragrances in the catalogue to enrich plastic products with scents, but also able to create and study specific fragrances requested by the customer.


Tailor-made design

Customised fragrances but also tailor-made designs to create plastic objects with an original character and with customised colours thanks to the presence of an in-house industrial designer.


Greater duration and intensity

Thanks to our patented system we ensure a long-lasting fragrance, longer than that of any competitor.

Our product
lasts longer

Thanks to the industrial patent we have obtained, we can guarantee the scent of our plastics lasts longer than that of the competition. The concentration of the fragrance is up to 50% higher than competitors on the market.

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Polymers enriched with precious essential oils with a patented method that enhances the fragrances and makes them last longer.

poweraroma: Powerplast Italia has created a patented continuous production system for infusing plastic products with essential oils. This process increases the duration and intensity of the fragrance and eliminates the need for post-moulding processes to obtain scented objects. In addition to the remarkable catalogue of fragrances, Powerplast Italia is able to meet the requests for customised aromas and colours.

A young team that believes and invests in the search for practical and efficient processes: meet the team of the poweraroma division and create unique and classy scented polymers.

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For companies operating in the sectors listed below, Powerplast Italia provides flexible and dedicated services with a number of significan advantages: small minimum production batch, support in the selection of raw materials, support in managing certifications, support in choosing the technology to use, possibility of using our own investment for production.

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Green Ethical Technology Awareness: Powerplast Italia has created a new highly sustainable material derived from the processing of sugar cane. The use of biobased plastic, its combination with the essences patented by Powerplast Italia and the subsequent transformation into a final product are carried out with the primary objective of reducing CO₂ emissions.

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