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Scent marketing

The essence of a memory to connect a brand or experience to positive and pleasant sensations

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Associating a particular scent with a brand or an experience builds customer loyalty and makes them remember you.

The world of multisensory marketing and design is constantly expanding and this is why Powerplast Italia has decided to focus on this phenomenon, studying its peculiarities. Scent Marketing uses fragrances as a means of communication and is therefore based on involving one of the five senses, that of smell. The scent works as an anchor of the senses capable of imprinting a memory in our mind, which can be evoked when the same fragrance envelops us, even after some time. What if we told you that this memory could be linked to your brand? An ingenious and elegant way to make the public remember you or be pleasantly reminded of the shopping experience in your store. It is science, yes, but also emotions: those that arise between a brand and those who choose it. And the more intense and long-lasting these emotions are, the stronger the bond of those who feel them with the brand will be. Scents increase the emotional intensity that links the consumer to the brand.

This is why Powerplast Italia dedicates an entire division to the study of specific fragrances that communicate directly with emotions and the senses. Powerplast Italia works with agencies specialised in scent marketing, for example for 5-star hotels that want to treat and pamper their guests, during new product launches, fairs and much more. The evocative power of the sense of smell is released through scent infused plastic products that evoke pleasant experiences.

Of all the senses, the sense of smell is the most striking. How do our nerves become nuanced, the subtle and sublime interpreters of what we cannot see or hear, what cannot be expressed with words? A smell is as immaterial as a soul.
[Marcel Hanoun]

Scent Marketing: are you looking for a scent infused polymer supplier?

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