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Plastic moulding

Injection moulding, bi-injection and 3D printing: our valuable proposition

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Not only innovative plastics but also flexible and cutting-edge moulding techniques

The Powerplast Italia production department has injection moulding machines with clamping forces from 45t to 160t. All the machines used for plastic moulding are equipped with auxiliary jacks for electrical and piston unscrewing and with drying, dehumidification, mould conditioning and closed-loop cooling systems. All machinery is latest generation, thus ensuring reduced energy consumption and environmental impact.

The machinery, together with our experience allows us to provide a flexible and tailor-made moulding service. We provide 3D printing of plastics, injection and bi-injection moulding. The choice of the best method, which optimises timings and costs, includes the precise and timely advice that Powerplast Italia guarantees its customers.

Our machinery

Powerplast Italia's production is driven by 11 Italian-made high-performance moulding machines, one of which is bi-injection, which allows moulding with clamping forces ranging from 45 to 160 tons. We use the very latest machinery, all equipped with inverters to save energy because we truly care about the environment.

Our plastic moulding

Efficient and fast technological moulding: Powerplast Italia's valuable offer.

Are you looking for a technological partner for plastic moulding?

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