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We think and create plastic objects with a refined style, integrating the study of design and production.

Why choose us


Single point of contact

With Powerplast Italia you choose a well-organised and expert partner able to follow every production process. This means savings in terms of time and resources for the companies that choose us.


Swift responses

We are a dynamic and flexible team and we know full well that time is money, both for the customer and for us. That is why we respond quickly with practical proposals.


Experience and innovation

When the desire to discover new ways is coupled with the extensive knowledge of plastics, then you can relax: your project will be a success.


Focus on aesthetics

The moulding of high-quality plastics can be recognised in the look of the object produced: Powerplast Italia focuses on finishes and details.


Reliability guaranteed

Expert management of in-house resources and the precise organisation of production allow us to guarantee short turn-around times and reliable quality.

We mould the most ambitious projects with creativity, technology and know-how.

We are a company that works with polymers by transforming them into plastic objects but also one that creates, thinks and designs them. All integrated, a unique organisationon the plastics processing stage: at Powerplast Italia the study of design is integrated with production.

Two entities that are often separated elsewhere, live together and dialogue in Powerplast Italia. We research, innovate and experiment with ever new plastics solutions.

If you are looking for a technical partner for plastic moulding, write to us to present your idea or project and we will be happy to provide the creativity and knowledge.

Contact us


For start-ups, SMEs and companies in general operating in these sectors we ensure low minimum production batches, supporting the selection of materials and technologies and in the management of certifications, with the possibility of our investment for production, short delivery times and quality checks.

Our machinery

Powerplast Italia's production is driven by 11 Italian-made high-performance moulding machines, one of which is bi-injection, which allows moulding with clamping forces ranging from 45 to 160 tons. We use the very latest machinery, all equipped with inverters to save energy because we truly care about the environment.

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