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Scented plastic: not just a fragrance, but our spirit

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The concentration and intensity of our scents infused in polymers are 50% higher than anything else available on the market.

The concentration and intensity of fragrances used in our polymers is at least 50% higher than that of competitors. The life and perception of a perfume can be divided into phases, therefore, we can say, on average and based on the chosen scent, the prevalence of the top notes is 25%, that of the heart notes is 35%, while that of the base notes reaches 40% of the total duration of the product.

The greater duration and intensity of the scent infused polymers is the result of a patented production system for enriching products with essential oils that eliminates further processing steps. Powerplast Italia offers an extensive catalogue of scents and fragrances for polymers, but thanks to our flexibility we can also create customised fragrances.

Are you looking for a manufacturer of scented polymers with fragrances that last longer and bespoke scents?

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