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Green Ethical Technology Awareness: Powerplast Italia has created a new highly sustainable material derived from the processing of sugar cane.

Biobased indicates a raw material whose origin is not fossil but renewable. After years of research and testing, Powerplast introduces in its production a new highly sustainable material derived from the processing of sugar cane. Bioplastics are divided into two families:

  1. Biodegradable and compostable (EN 3432) where the polymer is attacked by bacteria and transformed within 3 months, at least 90%, into H2O, heat, CO2 and biomass (ISO 14855)
  2. Durable biobased where the polymer is not biodegradable but whose origin is totally or partially renewable, i.e. the plant raw material from which it derives is rapidly regenerated with seasonal cycles.

Say hello to Gr.E.T.A., the 100% recyclable material that comes from Powerplast’s Green Ethical Technology Awareness programme. The production of biobased plastic, its combination with the fragrances patented by Powerplast and the transformation into the final product take place with the primary objective of reducing CO₂ emissions. We can also make the product using your fragrances. The bodies listed on this page may then certify these fragrances.

Minimum 70%
plant origin
Transformed into

Bodies to certify a Gr.E.T.A. product

Powerplast Italia creates the product for you, also using your fragrances. The product can then be certified by one of the following bodies:

ente 01
ente 02
ente 03

Write to us to find out more about Gr.E.T.A., in-depth info and certifications.

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