Development and innovation start here


PowerPlast Italia aims to offer to their customers a complete service of quality, fulfilling every idea and every desire:

  • Advice (Design e research of material)
  • Prototyping / Design
  • Production


PowerPlast Italia in addition to continuous research to improve and offer excellent quality, uses 3D printing that allows a faster transition from the concept to the physical model bringing the product to reality.

Available materials for SLA technologies:

  • ABS - like
  • Polypropylene - like
  • Rubber-like
  • Transparent resin
  • Loaded resin


All the listed resins can be colored and printed in bulk without the need for painting.

Available materials for FFF/FDM technology:

  • ASA
  • PETG
  • TPU
  • nPOWER

Moreover, it is possible to manage every 3D filament available on the market, realizing excellent prints, regardless of the sector in which the customer operates.