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Mould construction

We stamp quality on the mould to guarantee it and transmit it to the finished product.

We provide the customer with a complete service by fully managing the design and construction of the mould. Our collaboration with the best industrial tool suppliers in the area guarantees an optimal result, as well as ensuring customer satisfaction also thanks to our monitoring of every phase of mould construction. By choosing local partners we ensure genuinely short production times. Another of our stand-out features is the close relationship forged with the customer: we involve them right from the initial stages to optimise costs and the result of the finished product. Together with the customer we choose all the details, such as the finishes and materials most suitable for the use of the requested product, always providing our advice and technical support every step along the way.

At Powerplast Italia we make moulds for plastics, but we also deal with modifications to existing moulds, version alterations and routine maintenance. Moulds wear out due to time and use: for this reason we also carry out re-polishing/lapping processes, thus guaranteeing a high surface quality of the moulded products.

For the construction of your mould for plastic materials, contact a flexible, experienced and dynamic team: in this way you reduce production times and costs.

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