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Why invest in plastic product design?

News 28 October 2020

In today’s globalized world, the ability and strength to produce value collide with very specific factors on the scale of consumer product selection criteria. The economic factor is certainly a driving force and the production capacity of the Asian area certainly makes the task more complicated for Italian and European companies.

Fortunately, in Italy, the design culture and attention to design have always had well-rooted foundations, so much so that in the post-war period they exploded into a real worldwide exception. If we talk about design, therefore, we cannot fail to speak of Italian design culture.

This point is fundamental to understand how design does not mean only the identifying style of a product or a brand, but a real attitude to approach the project in a structured way. Its Latin etymology, de signum, that is relative to the project, in fact precisely concerns the ability to learn not so much a trade, but rather a method.

The British Design Council, for over twenty years now, has been analyzing and identifying the increase in the perceived value of a product through a correct method of developing the design of a product, a certain investment with a percentage of yield that has no equal compared to any other investment a brand may undertake.

From these points, but above all from the passion itself, the idea in Powerplast Italia was born of providing a service that we believe to live up to the premises made. The ever-growing collaboration with Fabio Caresi, designer and lecturer at the Master of Design Engineering and Innovation of the Politecnico di Milano, has given life to a concrete axis that from planning to production allows us to create designer plastic products, conceived and cared for in details.

Design of polymer products: the difference is in the method

In Powerplast Italia the daily confrontation between designer and production takes place internally, the projects are analyzed from the very beginning by all the players of the team that will accompany the birth of the new polymer product, from analysis to sketches, passing from mock-up and rendering, up to the definition of the prototype, that is the last step before the construction of the molds for production.

We firmly believe that the design of a new plastic product, if approached with the right methodology, can make the brand unique and recognizable, effectively increasing its perceived value and allowing the customer to stand out in their market.

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We create your finest plastic products thanks to our in-depth knowledge of plastics.

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