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Reverse engineering

From object to mould: parameters and models that optimise the production of plastic items

The production of a plastic object does not always start from the creation of a mould. Sometimes the object already exists, perhaps in a few pieces or in a single copy, and it is therefore necessary to start from that to define the parameters needed for the construction of the mould which will then be used for mass production. Powerplast Italia’s reverse engineering department takes care of this: a space with all the 3D and laser technology necessary to reproduce a mould starting from the existing object. The reverse engineering service for thermoplastic moulds therefore allows us to extrapolate the design data starting from the existing product or object thanks to 3D laser scanning and measurement. A 3D CAD mathematical model is obtained which gathers together the data and parameters required to reproduce the object. We therefore manage reverse engineering services for customers that need to work out the dimensions, geometries, CAD information of already existing products and equipment. The technologies used by Powerplast Italia for the reverse engineering of plastic objects or thermoplastic moulds are:

  • laser scan digitisation
  • point cloud modelling

Do you need a reverse engineering service to make the mould for plastics starting from the object?

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Mould construction

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