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Quality takes shape, it becomes tangible and includes choosing high-performance plastics.

We select only the best plastics in the moulding processes to ensure high quality plastic items. Here are some of the materials we usually work with and whose technical properties we know inside out: PA6 (filled/reinforced/self-extinguishing), ABS, PC, BLEND, PP, PE, PS, SAN/KOSTIL, PPO, POM, EVA, PEBAX, PVC, TPX, PMMA, GRILAMID, RYTON, PBT, HYTREL, TPV, ZYRAL, MATER BI, SURLYN, PETG, BIOPLASTICS.

Furthermore, we provide specific materials for SLA technology, such as ABS-like, Polypropylene-like, Rubber-like, transparent resin, filled resin (the resins can be coloured and moulded in mass without the need for painting) and materials for FFF/FDM technology, such as PCABS, ASA, PETG, CARBON, TPU, nPOWER. In addition to these, it is possible to manage any 3D filament available on the market so as to achieve excellent results, regardless of the sector in which the customer operates.

Quality materials are the raw material that generates advanced plastic products: at Powerplast Italia we have the plastic just right for your project.

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