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We use bio and recycled materials, we recover 100% of production waste and use low energy consumption machinery.

We have drawn up a plan called the “Sustainability Project”. It involves tangible and responsible choices and actions that we put into practice to protect the environment and improve our working environment, and at the same time ensure our customers the best quality in plastic moulding and in the construction of creative design plastic objects. Thanks to the sustainable approach that we have chosen to adopt, we are driven to seek solutions for the future that offer high levels of performance and a reduced environmental impact.

Today, the research into bio-polymers focuses more and more on technical solutions that combine renewable sources with the longer life of the material and its degradability and compostability. These materials meet the needs and requirements for taking care of the environment, they do not pollute, are non-toxic and some are even compostable. Bioplastic, as defined by European Bioplastics, is a term that describes two different types of plastics:

  1. Plastics derived from renewable sources (the focus is on the origin of the material that is used)
  2. Biodegradable and compostable plastics in compliance with EN 13432 or ASTM D 6400 or similar standards (the focus is on the compostability of the end product).

What we do for the environment


Unconventional materials

Compounds such as Mater-bi, wood and Gr.E.T.A. are made from one or more polymers totally derived from renewable sources (biopolymers).


Use of waste for production

Each of our systems is set up for the total recovery of production waste and its reuse, thus limiting the production of virgin material.


Recycled plastic

From an environmental point of view and to optimise plastic moulding, we use post-industrial and post-consumer recycled plastic. The first comes from industrial manufacturing processes (production waste), while the second is that no longer reused after the first use (bottles, food containers, etc.).


Use of cooling circuits

We have a closed-loop system powered by adiabatic systems with the very latest technology and equipped with inverters, which allow us to limit the consumption of refrigerant gases during the summer months and to eliminate it completely during colder months of the year.


Reduced energy consumption

A certified analysis was conducted and we won a grant to improve the thermal and energy efficiency of the machinery and the entire facility, thereby optimising our production department.

Working responsibly with the customer and for the environment: this is the attitude that drives us towards eco-friendly plastic moulding.

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